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Product  Buzz: Black Soap

I actually hadn’t heard of this one until Jackie told me about it last week, but now I’m intrigued.  Black Soap’s popularity has risen recently, due in part to the formula being picked up by major soap manufacturers like Casswell Massey, and because of the buzz spreading among the beauty community.

African Black Soap contains ashes of African products like plantains and cocoa pods, giving it both it’s black color, and strong powers of oil absorption and skin soothing.  Other black soap manufacturers use regional products like black pepper, tobacco, coriander, and black clay.  Some people swear by the traditional African formulas, and others find similar results from more modern blends.  Reportedly, frequent Black Soap users see improvement in skin clarity and smoothness, and a reduction in oil and breakouts. 

Find black soap in bar or liquid form at a variety of retailers, ranging in price from $2 to about $20. 

Have you tried, or will you try Black Soap?

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